The Case for Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Woda Group, Inc., is committed to designing, constructing and managing affordable homes for seniors and families. Woda Management and Real Estate LLC serves the parent organization by providing management, maintenance, and leasing services for its properties. The properties under Woda Management incorporate energy efficient and sustainable elements such as energy-efficient fixtures and appliances and drought tolerant landscaping.

Drought tolerant landscaping was originally adopted in areas of the country that received limited rainfall. However, as other regions stood to benefit from this approach to landscaping, it was subsequently adopted across the country.

Drought tolerant landscaping, which favors the use of plants that require little water, offers a number of advantages. First of all, it helps to conserve water, a scarce resource. In addition, it cuts back on the cost and effort of maintenance: The landscaper can devote less time to weeding and pruning and spend less money on water than he or she otherwise would. Indigenous animal species can also find a habitat in an area planted with native, drought tolerant species. Moreover, drought tolerant landscaping tends to eliminate pesticide and fertilizer use.


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