Woda Group’s Hayden Senior Apartments Project in Springfield, Ohio

Part of The Woda Group, Inc., the executive team at Woda Management and Real Estate, LLC, is dedicated to providing low-income residents with quality, affordable housing. Woda Management consists of development and construction divisions, and spans 190 properties in several states. In late 2014, the company announced completion of the Hayden Senior Apartments project in Springfield, Ohio.

Comprising 44 units and two stories, the senior-living Hayden Senior Apartments complex has provided a boost to community revitalization efforts outlined in the Clark County Crossroads Plan and Springfield Unified Plan for Redevelopment. The project also fulfills City Commission objectives for repurposing past public school sites as residential redevelopments. The building meets a number of key sustainability criteria and has been certified by Enterprise Green Communities. In addition, the U.S. Green Building Council is currently evaluating it for LEED Gold certification. Amenities include exercise and computer rooms, and a community space that encourages socialization between residents, neighbors, and family members. The project was completed by Woda in conjunction with PCI Design Group.


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