Mary Harvin Senior Center Opens One Year after Construction Restarted


Mary Harvin Senior Center pic

Mary Harvin Senior Center

Woda Management, founded in 1990, is a multifamily unit developer that employs more than 300 people and has developed more than 9,000 units in 13 states. Woda Management’s headquarters is located in Maryland, with additional offices in Indiana, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.

On April 27, 2016, exactly one year to the day after the company’s fifth Baltimore project burned to the ground, the Mary Harvin Senior Center officially opened its doors. The grand opening took place 69 days ahead of schedule and replaced the block’s former, crumbling structures with 61 new units of affordable senior housing. The project is a collaboration between the Woda Group and Southern Baptist Church.

The building is named for Mary Harvin, one of the church’s founding members. The $15 million senior housing project suffered a major setback in 2015 when the not-yet-completed structure caught fire. At the time of the fire, the new building was 45 percent complete.


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