Woda Group Receives Notice to Construct Portland High School


Portland High School pic

Portland High School
Image: wodagroup.com

Established in 1990, Woda Management and Real Estate, LLC, has created over 9,000 housing units in rural, suburban, and urban settings in the United States. Benefitting from strong partnerships with federal and state housing agencies and local government, Woda Management recently announced it had received notice to begin redevelopment of the old Portland High School in Michigan.

Located on an elevated lot at 306 Brush Street in Portland, Michigan, the former school is a four-floored building with well-preserved brick and antique features inside. Woda Management had been contacted in 2013 by city officials to determine whether it could redevelop the building, esteemed by local residents.

Also known as Old School Manor it was built in 1917 at the site where another school had burned down. Bricks from the previous school were used in reconstruction, bringing the total cost of the building to $107,000. Later, the school district auctioned the building to a private developer who designed residential units inside it. The building was lived in for many years before financial problems caused foreclosure.

After redevelopment, the structure will have 29 family units with a mix of one-, two-, and three-bedroom units. It will boast 37,087 square feet of living space and 58 parking spaces, three of which will be designated for people with disabilities.


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