An Introduction to Section 8 Housing

As a division of the Woda Group, Woda Management and Real Estate has built more than 9,000 affordable housing units since its establishment in 1990. Woda Management and Real Estate addresses the needs of residents and potential residents with an in-depth knowledge of housing programs.

Section 8 is the commonly used term for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD’s) housing choice voucher program. It stands out as the largest federal program that helps elderly citizens and individuals with low incomes and disabilities to afford clean and dignified housing on the open market. By providing vouchers to qualified recipients, the program gives those individuals and families a broader range of housing options.

Though federal funds support the program, its administration rests in the hands of local public housing agencies. These organizations issue vouchers to qualified families, who must then find a unit and a landlord accepting of the voucher. The voucher pays a predetermined subsidized amount to the landlord, while the recipient pays the difference between that amount and the unit’s current market rent.


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